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Ineos Workshop Manual availability

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When the Genadier was being announced along its path to production and sales, Ineos made promises regarding the do-it-yourself repair-ability of the Grenadier aided by workshop manuals they said would be made available to owners.  This was (and remains) a BIG part of why I continued to be obsessed with this vehicle.  It is quite a leap of faith to purchase such an expensive piece of machinery from a new manufacturer with no particular track record.  I know Ineos Petro-Chemical has a history, and I am sure SJR is a tenacious businessman who gets things done (proof in my driveway), but owning this vehicle with its associated lack of dealer support and parts availability is not something that should be asked of any customer.

Sure, dealers will want their service calls, but some of us bought this truck with the idea that we may be taking it places off the beaten path.  A free tow to the nearest dealer, while nice in some situations, does not replace this original promise of parts availability (24 hrs even!) and workshop manuals for do-it-yourself owners.  At the very least, those of us who paid and waited for years deserve to see these promises kept.  If today, Ineos wants to think twice about their service model, it should be for the new depositors and purchasers who go in eyes wide open.

I have already asked my dealer when the service manuals will be ready....but no answer yet.  I hope Ineos does not let us down.  I strongly urge all depositors who are concerned to write a letter to Ineos expressing your desire for the promised manuals and parts availability to come to fruition.

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I contacted Ineos customer service and was told (by Apple) that Customer Service was informed that the manuals would be available soon and that they would let me know as soon as they heard more specific information.  I am hopeful that all is well on this front and that Ineos has a great service manual solution coming.  I am eager to see what they have planned and hope that it does not cost extra, at lest for original owners!  (selfishly!)

Topic starter Posted : 04/03/2024 7:31 pm