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Steering dead zone

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Well, have to throw in my two cents.  The steering definitely has a large dead zone.  When the truck needs a minor steering correction due to wind or road crown, etc, the correction may require rotation through the dead zone before the minor correction can be made.  As a result the wheel is moved more than it should have to be for small correction that otherwise might not annoy.  It is better than some trucks I have owned, but also worse than others.  It seems like it should be resolvable and I hope Ineos or aftermarket do just that.

In the mean time I am getting good at making the correction, but it does keep you busy on the freeway.  For such a tight truck, it is surprising to me that this is the case.  This does not condemn the truck in my view, but it can (and I am sure will) be better!

Topic starter Posted : 29/02/2024 11:50 pm
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I think the sensitivity has diminished a bit, probably as the new tires wear in a bit.  That said it is still not what it should be in my opinion. Further, I spoke to my dealer who says they are waiting to hear final alignment specifications from Ineos for them to use to confirm alignment during dealer prep.  So, hopefully my truck will be getting a further insepction and adjustment.

In similar news, another Grenadier owner shows online how they were able to adjust the camber by maxing out the trailing arm eccentric adjusters.  Claims they noticed an immediate improvement in the drive-ability.  I wish Ineos was a bit more vocal in sharing what is going on behind the scenes with regards to issues like these.  More vocal period really.  Maybe that will improve as time goes on.

I love the truck, and would buy it again, even with known issues.

Topic starter Posted : 17/03/2024 1:12 pm